Maybe this is my last reincarnation

Head spinning like a gasing,

Scattered glance–

like stars on a dark night. 

Body lying on the mat, 

Hazy dreams disappear,

Consciousness remains alive.

Emptiness fills all the space in the chest,

lying down with a body that desires nothing –

and a soul that is not tempted to pursue human madness.

Questions about existence line up neatly like military troops:

What's wrong with wanting to live a simple life?

Give what should be given –

keeping what should be kept and defended,

and walk slowly.

With the fast-moving train of life,

And my life stands still,

Maybe this isn't my place anymore.

Contentment in living this mediocre life brings glory.

So maybe,

this is my last reincarnation on Earth.

Tiffany Putri - February 13, 2023


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