Tales of an Old Man

Tales of an Old Man

There is an old man next door,

stands still with a bouquet of flowers on his chest,

disheveled shoes, 

a pair of tired eyes. 

A letter recited a hundred times,

slow at first then getting louder.

An invisible string of two minds merge through an ineffable feeling.


no one else seems to be there. 

I hear he says:

She, who once ignited fire on heart, left unheard.

Years of vagabond,

A wanderer, wild heart, exhausted.

Within this mind lies a collection of timeless collages,

yearning for past memories.

Young minds and obstinate

pay the price of carelessness.

Tell me now,

where else should I search,

for love that comes once in a lifetime. 

Tiffany Putri

Minneapolis Dinkytown, Aug 8 2023.


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