Friend from the Sea

Whisper to me now, friend, from the sea you come from. 

How does the warmth of the water make your heart feel? 

Are you the lady of the sun, or are you the goddess of the moonlight? 

Each day I spend living, sanity slips through my grip,

My restless mind, my collection of thoughts,

All lost in the pristine depths of you. 

Perhaps it’s true, the root of my conjectures,

your enchanting silhouette is sculpted by a peaceful ocean breeze,

The serenity of your smile is born from the golden glow of the sunlight. 

The clock ticks, and once again I strike this cheek,

Awakening from dreams too mesmerizing to seek. 

In this solitary, earnest moment, I perceive,

That you are, my friend from the sea,

Where perfection and splendor intertwine, without end. 

Tiffany Putri

Northfield, MN - Nov 4, 2023 


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