Before the Green Light

If I could see you before the green light flashes –

and life is mad again,

I would reclaim the self I cherish,

the one my mother dreams of,

My friends wish,

And you crave.

If I could see you before the world ends,

All these strangers I meet would congratulate me,

Hug me tight and give me kisses,

Shake my hand,

Tell me how proud they are of me,

Then bid farewell with a smile. 

I can feel every bit of explosion within me,

Anger I can no longer suppress,

My soul dying,


I must go and collect the ruins,

Reassemble the new version of me.

But if I could see you before I turn into a machine,

I would rediscover myself once more.

Tiffany Putri - Mar 27 2024

Boston, Massachusetts


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